The strengths of the department are the high quality teaching and learning, the culture of sharing ideas and resources amongst colleagues and knowledge of the way in which the pupils work will be assessed. This results in varied and innovative teaching across the department and a very high standard of examination results.

The Geography department is comprised of 2 full-time members of staff, 3 part-time members of staff, and a Teaching Assistant. All teachers have their own teaching rooms with Smart Boards, projectors, text books and atlases. In addition there are 5 PCs in one of the teaching rooms for pupils to use. We have a range of text books available at both GCSE and A-level.

We currently offer the following courses: GCSE Geography, A Level Geography and BTEC Travel and Tourism (Level 2 + Level 3 Extended Certificate).

GCSE Geography

  • Unit 1: This unit has two main themes: Geographic skills and Challenges for the Planet (1 hour examination).
  • Unit 2: This is a Physical Geography unit. Pupils will study river landscapes, coastal landscapes, tectonic landscapes and the wasteful world. (1 hour examination)
  • Unit 3: This is a Human Geography unit. Pupils will study population, economic change, settlement change and tourism (1 hour examination).
  • Unit 4: In this unit pupils will need to complete a fieldwork investigation (controlled assessment).
  • Assessment: The units are equally weighted and worth 25%.
Y10 Students studying the environmental impacts of tourism on Grasmere

Y10 Students studying the environmental impacts of tourism on Grasmere

AS Geography

  • UNIT 1 (70% of AS marks) This unit combines both physical and human Geography. Pupils will be required to study rivers, flooding, coastal environments, population change and health (2 hour examination).
  • UNIT 2 (30% of AS marks) This unit will require pupils to demonstrate their understanding of geographic skills (1 hour examination).

Yr 12 Students measuring the morphology of the river at Mungrisdale

A2 Geography

  • Unit 3 (60% of A2 marks) This unit is comprised of both physical and human Geography. The human elements include urban issues; the physical topics are vegetation and tectonics (2 ½ hour examination).
  • Unit 4B (40% of A2 marks) This unit is an issue evaluation exercise (2 hour examination)

Leisure Studies

  • Unit G180 Exploring Leisure (portfolio) requires pupils to find out about the different sectors and components of the Leisure industry and how the industry has changed over time.
  • Unit G181 Customer Service in the Leisure Industry (portfolio) requires pupils to undertake research into a facility in order to analyse its customer service provision.
  • Unit G182 Leisure Industry Practice (90 minute examination) requires pupils to research further into the running of a facility based on a case study.
Y12 Students measuring the profile of the beach at Skinburness

Y12 Students measuring the profile of the beach at Skinburness

 BTEC Travel and Tourism

Pupils will undertake 4 units which will lead to a BTEC qualification (equivalent of 1 GCSE).

  • Unit 1 The UK Travel and Tourism Sector
  • Unit 2 UK Travel and Tourism Destinations
  • Unit 4 International Travel and Tourism Destinations
  • Unit 6 The UK Travel and Tourism Customer Experience