The History department is staffed by five History teachers who all hold well regarded degrees in the subject. We are passionate about delivering the highest quality of teaching and learning to pupils and our main aim is to encourage students to engage with the world around them through their study of the past. The department is well resourced; all rooms have Smart Boards and lessons are enhanced through the use of audio, visual and kinaesthetic resources.

At Key Stage 3 the History department teaches a range of British, European and International History ensuring that pupils have an understanding of the main trends and turning points in the last millennium.  In Year 7 students study the period from 1066 to 1500 considering key features of Medieval Britain, the Age of Exploration, the Aztecs and Tudor society.  In Year 8 students study the period 1500-1750 looking at the Tudors and Stuarts, the Industrial Revolution, the British Empire and slavery. The focus of the Year 9 course is the twentieth-century world and students learn about the world wars, the Russian Revolution, women’s suffrage, Nazi Germany and the Holocaust.  The History curriculum encourages pupils to develop their understanding of cause and consequence, change and continuity, source evaluation, significance and diversity.  Additionally, the study of History develops the skills of research, the ability to structure a written explanation and confidence in articulating an opinion.

History is a popular choice for students at both GCSE and A-level. At GCSE (AQA Specification B) students have the opportunity to develop their Year 9 work and are taught the Modern World  option where they sit two written modular examinations and complete a controlled assessment worth 25% of their mark.  The examination topics covered include Hitler’s Foreign Policy, the Cold War 1945-1980, Vietnam and Russia 1914-1939. The controlled assessment (replacing traditional ‘coursework’) is based on aspects of World War One and Two.  In the Sixth Form we believe that it is important to offer a range of topics. We follow the OCR specification and students study Modern Russia 1894-1941, Britain 1783-1846, Peter the Great or Nazi Germany and American Civil Rights 1865-1992. Every year we support the applications of students to study History at a full range of universities, including Oxford and Cambridge.

The teachers of the History Department are committed to engaging pupil interest in the subject within and beyond the curriculum:  we run a popular History Club and organise trips to Washington DC in Year 13 and to Berlin in Year 11.