One of the most effective ways to make improvements is through sharing high quality professional expertise, both within departments and between departments. We have three types of INSET. In addition to whole school sessions we offer more bespoke opportunities. One is our regular programme in the professional development room and the other is our weekly Thursday twilight programme.

The termly INSET programme is an opportunity to observe colleagues who are regarded as top practitioners in a specific area. Staff at NTS are already in a strong position and these sessions are made available in order to promote discussion, generate some new ideas and hopefully lead to some “tweaks” in current practice.

The lessons take place in the Professional Development Room and a “coach” is on hand in the Observation Room to commentate on and discuss the skills being demonstrated. This is very much a practical exercise and observers are encouraged to use the opportunity to reflect on their own practice and discuss classroom practice with colleagues.

Current themes for 2016-17 include:

  • Teach to the top plus Support the least able
  • Reading and Comprehension
  • The Power of Silence
  • Meaningful homework tasks

We always provide training on the fundamentals of the Teacher Standards. However, for those teachers who are secure and experienced we offer much greater opportunity to tailor their own CPD.  In 2016-17 we are trialling an innovative in-house approach “Flexi PD” which gives interested staff the chance to direct their own CPD focused on the theme of “Assessment in the classroom”.

View the weekly Thursday evening programme.