Mrs Marie Banks, <br />Deputy Head

Mrs Marie Banks,
Deputy Head

Having joined NTS in 2008 as Deputy Head, I believe the school continues to improve and views complacency as an ever present nemesis. Leading pastoral care in NTS fills me with pride on a daily basis. Walking the corridors of this busy school gives a sense of what we are all about: learning, decency and respect. We refer to this as ‘NTS-ness’ which harks back to our high standards of behaviour, uniform and expectations which are reinforced by a simple mantra “Would it do for your child?” By posing this question we remain true to our pupils and their needs whilst existing in a school that is a happy and safe place. Mrs Marie Banks Deputy Head (Pastoral) 
Dr Michelle Henley, Deputy Head

Dr Michelle Henley,
Deputy Head

I joined The Nelson Thomlinson School as a Newly Qualified Teacher and I was quickly struck by the unrelenting emphasis on two fundamentals: that the quality of learning amongst pupils is our first priority and that the school has a vibrant professional culture where teachers enthusiastically share best practice and continually seek to improve their own performance. Although I am now a school leader, my first passion is the craft of teaching. As the Deputy in charge of Teaching and Learning I teach all of my classes in our Observation Classroom; this means that anybody can observe any of my lessons without giving me prior warning. Like all senior managers at this school I am ‘hands-on’ and ‘practise what I preach’. So, I invite teachers and visitors to watch my classes. I always plan to deliver an outstanding lesson, but what really matters is the reflection and adjustment made when things don’t go to plan; continual improvement in the provision for learning at NTS is still our first priority. Dr Michelle Henley Deputy Head (Teaching & Learning)
Mr Neil Parker

Mr Neil Parker,
Deputy Head

I joined The Nelson Thomlinson School in 2012 as Deputy Head – Curriculum and Data, a role that I am proud to undertake. My work has two major elements: (a)  To develop and evolve the school curriculum for all pupils so that it is broad, balanced and relevant to the modern world. This means keeping up with the rapidly changing educational environment, not least with regards to new qualifications and grading systems, but also to ensure that all pupils are able to play full and active parts in the globalised economy and society in which we live. Part of this involves ensuring that pupils are able to make the best choices for their options in preparation for Key Stages 4 and 5. (b) To direct our use of achievement data so that all pupils are able to achieve their potential as they move through the school. Pupils are expected to make at least good progress, and in-line with our assessment strategy, that means they are expected to meet their targets at the end of every year. We regularly monitor achievement so that timely interventions can be implemented to both challenge and support our pupils to be the best they can be, regardless of ability. Deputy Head (Curriculum and Data)
Mr Mike Beechey

Mr Mike Beechey,
Assistant Headteacher (Community)

My role, which also involves supporting the three Deputies and Head with their work, is a wide-ranging and exciting one.  We are passionate as a school about academic success but we also recognise the importance of ‘softer’ skills, such as communication and teamwork, and the ability to play a full and active role in society. Part of my role is to encourage extra-curricular involvement, links with the community and charity work; areas we are equally proud of. It is also my job to organise our set pieces such as Founders Day, Prize Week and the Christmas Services as well as our annual Activities Day where the whole school is off normal timetable, pursuing extra-curricular interests. In 2016 we launched a new house system to the school, rewarding pupils for their endeavours and offering a wealth of new activities throughout the year. Have a look at our Facebook page to get a flavour of the vibrancy of Nelson Thomlinson. Ultimately our job is to keep our pupils safe and happy. My role also involves Health & Safety and E-Safety. In 2015 we received an external Health & Safety Audit score of 96%. We take the safety of our children very seriously. Mr Mike Beechey Assistant Head