The County Council School Transport team have changed the Reays T1408 and Stagecoach T1409 routes as from Monday 12th December 2016.  They have sent out letters explaining the changes to all parents whose children use these buses.  The routes have been changed from 2 buses to 4 and details are as follows:


T1407 (Perkins Transport)

07:55     Port Carlisle
08:00    Grey Havens
08:15     Bowness Hall
08:35     Nelson Thomlinson School

T1408 (Reays)

07:55     Bowness
07:58     Biglands House
08:06     Cardurnock
08:12     Anthorn
08:30     Nelson Thomlinson School

T1409 (Stagecoach)

08:06     B5307 Jnc Easton
08:11     Drumburgh
08:17     Glasson Mill Lane
08:24     Whitrigglees Cross Roads
08:46     Nelson Thomlinson School

T1412 (Reays)

08:05     Moss Side
08:10     Saltcoates Jnc
08:13     Newton Arlosh
08:15     Arlosh House
08:30     Nelson Thomlinson

The T1412 and T1407 buses will leave Nelson Thomlinson School every afternoon at approx. 3.45/3.50pm (Phase 2).

If you have any queries, please contact the County Council School Transport team direct on 01228 226941.


Pupils with Local Authority Bus Passes for School Transport

Your child’s current bus pass is valid until July 2017.

If your child’s bus pass is lost or damaged and needs replacing you will need to obtain a new pass before we come back to school in September.  To do this, please contact Cumbria County Council – School Transport Team on 01228 226428.  Please note that there will be a charge of £10.00 for a replacement pass.

Your child will need to show their bus pass to the driver each day and we will also be carrying out termly bus pass checks.

Please follow the links below.  If you have any queries regarding school transport please contact Dawn Richmond – 016973 42160,