To all passengers of NTS School Transport – please note that all bus passes have been issued for the next academic year and have been either posted or put in registers. 


 As you are aware, home to school transport arrangements have been retendered with new transport contracts in place from 1st September 2017.

  • If your child(ren) currently has a bus pass which entitles them to free home to school transport your pass will automatically be issued at the end of July.
  • If your child(ren) receive free home to school transport under Low Income or Denominational Grounds you will have received a letter requesting evidence.  If you have not already done so, please return the evidence as requested, as soon as possible so that your application can be assessed.
  • If you pay for a Spare Seat, you should have received a letter requesting payment.  Your pass will be sent to you in August after payment has been received.
  • If you have submitted a new application for transport and you applied before 30th June, your pass will be issued to you in August.
  • Applications received after the deadline of 30th June will be dealt with as soon as possible, but you are reminded that transport may not be in place for the beginning of September and it is your responsibility to ensure your child(ren) attend school.

When you receive your travel pass , this is what you need to do: 

  • Prior to start of term, Telephone the transport operator on the telephone number provided to confirm the time the bus will stop at the pick-up point printed on your pass.  It is your responsibility to ensure your child is at the departure point five minutes before the transport is due.
  • Detach the travel pass from the letter and secure it in the self-laminating pouch provided
  • Read the conditions of use printed on the reverse of the travel pass
  • Read the enclosed information leaflets and discuss with your child the importance of wearing a seatbelt and behaving sensibly on the transport
  • Ensure your child carries their pass with them each day
  • If you move home or school, you will need to reapply for transport.

Information regarding routes, operators and telephone contact numbers will be available on the County Council website from 11th August 2017.   Visit and click on the Allerdale & Copeland Area Retender tab for more information.

If you have an enquiry about your transport arrangements please look at Cumbria County Council Frequently Asked Questions which can be found at  If, after reading the FAQ’s you still need to contact the team, please telephone them on 01228 226427/226428.  The telephones are very busy during August and early September and there may be a delay in responding to you.


There are a number of issues with road-works along some of our routes.  School buses have permission to access these areas but there may be slight delays on journeys.  Any transport delays eg road accidents, weather problems etc will be posted on the school Facebook page as soon as we know of them.

Transport Invoices – please note that these can be sent to parents via email.  If you would like to receive your invoice via email, please contact Dawn Richmond with your email address on

Pupils with Local Authority Bus Passes for School Transport

Your child’s current bus pass is valid until July 2017.

If your child’s bus pass is lost or damaged and needs replacing you will need to obtain a new pass before we come back to school in September.  To do this, please contact Cumbria County Council – School Transport Team on 01228 226428.  Please note that there will be a charge of £10.00 for a replacement pass.

Your child will need to show their bus pass to the driver each day and we will also be carrying out termly bus pass checks.

Please follow the link below.  If you have any queries regarding school transport please contact Dawn Richmond – 016973 42160,