Careers Information and Guidance is available to all NTS students and their parents or carers, from home or at school.

  1. From home, please follow this link:
  2. NTS students should then log on to ‘Moodle’, with the same username and password they use to access the NTS network.
  3. Please select ‘Careers Guidance’, then follow the blue links that interest you.
  4. For NTS students: if you’d like some personal help with finding out about Careers, or making choices about your future, please contact the Careers Education & Guidance Officer at NTS, Mr Graham Clark.
  5. ‘Drop-in’ Careers Guidance sessions are available to NTS students on Monday and Friday lunchtimes, from 12.45. Please come to the Careers Education & Guidance Services office.
  6. For parents or carers: if you have any queries about your child’s career options or choices, please feel free to contact the NTS Careers Education & Guidance Officer at Parents’ Evenings for Years 8-13, by phone (016973 42160, extension 250), or email at: