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Our Values

Still "outstanding"

- Ofsted, May 2013

Nothing that happens at NTS does so by accident. The impeccable behaviour of our pupils (Ofsted’s phrasing, not mine), their politeness and good manners, their achievement (academic and extra-curricular) are all down to sheer hard work — theirs and ours. The standards we have fought hard to maintain have been established over many years by the commitment of a dedicated team of professionals.

The local context (a small industrial town in rural northern Cumbria) is, perhaps, not one you might associate with academic excellence and yet we were the first secondary school in the county to have been judged “outstanding” by Ofsted under their new framework.

You will probably want to see for yourself what we have to offer and, to this end, I would be delighted to show you around.

Sam Northwood, MA, MEd


Mission Christmas

If you can help, please bring in any items at all or even make a cash donation, drop it off in L2 or to Mr Beechey’s office (L Block).

Anything is better than nothing, so if you cannot make a full bag don’t worry, the elves will sort it out for you.

The age ranges for the bags are: 0-18 months, 18 months – 3 years, 3-5 years, 5-7 years, 7-9 years, 9-12 years, 12-15 years & 15-18 years.

Any donations for all age ranges are welcome. We are most in need of the baby and teen, age ranges.

Key items to bring are:
· Nappies
· Toiletries
· Games and Toys
· Pencils and Crayons
· Fancy dress outfits
· Educational books
· Dolls, toys and teddies
· Blankets
· Vouchers
Reminder: As these boxes are not going abroad, you are welcome to include deodorants, chocolates and sweets (please do not include war related toys).

It is easy to forget that there are children in Cumbria who are not as privileged and we would like to make an impact in our local community.

Please can the items be in school by Friday 22nd November. We hope you can help. Thank you!

NTS Lower Sixth Form Mission Christmas team 2019

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Headmaster's Introduction
Ofsted Report

The Nelson Thomlinson School was the first Cumbrian secondary school to be judged “outstanding” under the new Ofsted framework.
Ofsted, May 2013

Tercentenary Celebrations

We recently celebrated our 300th anniversary...

It is crucial that, as we continue to develop as a school, we retain the atmosphere and environment that is ‘NTS.’

We call it NTS-ness.

We expect to ‘NTS’ all new members of our community. Staff and students need to understand why we are special, how we achieved this and recognise that it is not a ‘given’. To this end, we want everyone to have pride in ‘NTS-ness’.

We expect staff to:

  • Have a common understanding of what the standards and expectations of NTS are
  • Be ‘on-board’ in terms of acting on these standards and expectations. (Uniform, behaviour, equipment, manners.)

We expect students to:

  • Look the part
  • Act the part
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