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Context For Change

We are different at NTS in that we don’t always adopt the latest initiative (for the sake of it) or do things simply to tick boxes. The teaching profession has a tendency to make things unnecessarily complicated and to generate paperwork. People who come and teach at NTS quickly realise that our tendency is to do the reverse.

There is a lot of educational research around. As professionals, it is our job to make use of it in improving teaching and learning. To us, there are three main questions that must be answered when judging whether or not to take notice:

  • Does it make instinctive good sense to teachers?
  • Does it offer something different from what we already do?
  • Can it be expressed accessibly with minimal use of jargon?


Once we decide that an initiative or an idea will benefit teaching and learning our commitment is total and we are relentless in our pursuit of perfecting the “new” or “modified” model.