• Headmaster’s Letter To Parents

  • Pre-loved Uniform

    If you would like to donate any pre-loved uniform or PE/Games kit to the Nelson Thomlinson School it would be gratefully received.

  • Equipment for Learning (E4L)

    1. Blue/black pen (used for most writing exercises)
    2. Green pen (mainly for amending/self-correcting work)
    3. Red pen (mainly for peer assessment)
    4. Pencil
    5. Sharpener
    6. Eraser
    7. Ruler
    8. Calculator (Casio fx-83GTX)
    9. Glue stick
    10. Round-ended scissors (NOT point-ended)*
    11. Highlighter pens
    12. Full PE/Games kit for lessons

    *Please do not purchase point-ended scissors as these are a safety hazard and will be confiscated.

    These items should be available for all classes. Most are available from the Mathematics Office at extremely competitive prices. In particular, Casio scientific calculators are available. Calculators will be useful in several lessons, not just in Mathematics, and we recommend that all pupils possess, and gain familiarity with, a Casio fx-83GTX.

    It would be helpful if they also had colouring pencils, a protractor and a pair of compasses but these items are not essential. Liquid paper is not allowed in school. Pupils are responsible for all their personal equipment and every item should be clearly marked.

  • Covid-related absences

    Please find detailed below guidance regarding Covid-related absences

    Absence from school due to Covid-19

    The current guidance from the Government states that in the event that a Covid-19 test is taken, adults with a positive test result should try to stay at home and avoid contact with other people for 5 days which is when they are most infectious. For children and young people aged 18 and under, the advice is 3 days. Pupils or Staff do not need to complete a negative test before returning to school.  


    Catching up on school work:  

    In line with pre-pandemic practices and in light of government guidance issued in April 2022 (‘Living with Covid’), we implemented the following policy:

    Unless there are specific cases agreed with the Headteacher / Head of Year that warrant resources being sent home when pupils and students are too unwell to attend school (i.e. for a prolonged period of absence beyond 7 days), we will no longer be providing remote learning. For all periods of absence less than 7 days, the onus will be on the child to speak to their subject teachers upon their return to school who will provide the necessary resources, help and support in order for them to catch up. Pupils also have access to Edulink where they will be able to keep up to date with any homework where appropriate. 

  • Link to the school calendar (school holiday, exams and a Parents’ Evening dates)

    Holidays 2023-24
    Half term Monday 23 – Friday 27 October
    Christmas Wednesday 20 December – Tuesday 2 January
    Half term Monday 12 – Friday 16 February
    Easter Friday 29 March– Monday 15 April
    Half term Monday 27 May – Friday 31 May
    Summer Monday 22 July – Tuesday 3 September

    Parents’ Evenings
    Monday 16 October -Y13 Parents’ Evening
    Thursday 16 November – Y11 Live-n-learn Day
    Monday 20 November – Y10 Parents’ Evening
    Monday 4 December – Y8 Parents’ Evening (NELST)
    Thursday 14 December – Y8 Parents’ Evening (HMWG)
    Thursday 4 January – Y11 Parents’ Evening
    Monday 15 January – Y7 Parents’ Evening (NELST)
    Thursday 25 January – Y7 Parents’ Evening (HMWG)
    Monday 19 February – Y12 Parents’ Evening
    Thursday 29 February – Y9 Parents’ Evening (NELST)
    Monday 4 March – Y9 Parents’ Evening (HMW)
    Monday 1 July – New Y7 Parents’ Information Evening

    Link to calendar

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