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What Is NTS-ness?

It is crucial that as we continue to develop as a school, we retain the atmosphere and environment that is ‘NTS’. We call it NTS-ness. We expect to ‘NTS’ all new members of our community. Staff and students need to understand why we are special, how we achieved this and recognise that it is not a ‘given’. To this end, we want everyone to have pride in ‘NTS-ness’.

We expect staff to:
  • Have a common understanding of what the standards and expectations of NTS are
  • Be ‘on-board’ in terms of acting on these standards and expectations. (Uniform, behaviour, equipment, manners.)
We expect students to:
  • Look the part
  • Act the part
  • Act in a responsible, thoughtful and decent manner
  • Take pride in our school and the standards we uphold