The School Council is the official forum for student voice at The Nelson Thomlinson School.

Each of the 50 Year 7-13 Tutor Groups elects a representative who becomes a School Council member. Each representative then attends monthly Council meetings which are chaired by Mr Beechey, the Assistant Head and the elected Chair(s) of the School Council.

Any matters raised at meetings are treated seriously. Issues are discussed by the school’s SMT and are acted on accordingly.

The School Council decides on key issues such as which charities should benefit from student fund raising activities. This years charities that were nominated –Every Life Matters and Cancer UK.

School Council members also take part in the interview process for new staff to the school. Forming a student panel who ‘grill’ the would be candidates and feedback to the Headmaster.

New PE kit was introduced at NTS. This stemmed from School Council feedback and requests for an updated yet affordable option. Recent suggestions for more water fountains led to 3 more being added to different areas of the school.

School Council Leadership Team

Joseph Scott Richardson

Chloe Liu