Why Volunteer?

Volunteering makes a difference and puts you ahead of the game.

  • You get a chance to gain experience and invaluable life skills
  • Your confidence will grow considerably
  • Volunteering has a positive impact on your community
  • It enhances your CV
  • It allows you to shine above the rest in an increasingly competitive jobs market
  • You feel good about yourself and that reflects in your attitude and academic achievement

The Sixth Form Enrichment Programme is an intrinsic part of the Sixth Form Curriculum and your Learning Agreement. It aims to develop your skills and confidence and broaden your experiences. In the increasingly competitive world of work it is important for you to develop a range of skills and experiences beyond your academic studies. Employers will be looking for these, as well as good academic grades, when you apply for positions post-17/18.

You will be required to get involved in activities that will develop your team-working and leadership skills, your independence and confidence and help you to become active, engaged citizens in both the school and wider communities.

You will choose an activity/activities from the suggested projects on the list or one of your own choosing (subject to the approval of EML/GCP).

You will be expected to spend at least 30 hours during the year on your chosen activity and keep a log/diary of what you have done in your Enrichment Portfolio. This will also include examples of some of the work and activities that you have done. This will be checked at regular intervals by the Teacher/Adult in charge of your chosen activity and also by your Form Tutor.

You may be asked to give a presentation to your Form Group later in the year about your activities. You may be awarded an Attitude and Service prize on account of your efforts.

You will have at least 5 study periods during each week and can use these to carry out your activity, do any work involved with your project or work on your portfolio. If your project involves work outside school hours, then you can use your study periods to do homework.

You may need to be involved in 2 or more activities to make up the minimum 25-30 hours, this will need to be agreed with your Form Tutor.

The Enrichment Programme will put YOU ahead of the game but don’t just take our word for it, check out the 2 articles from ‘The Times’ (19/8/2011) and ‘The Daily Mirror’ (21/7/2011).