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Transition Information for Year 6 pupils

Welcome to NTS, we are really looking forward to meeting our new Year 7 pupils in September.

Information will be posted on here for pupils and parents/carers to hopefully help you get to know the school a little better before starting. Please check the website regularly to see if anything new has been posted.

Message from Miss Richmond (Health & Safety/Transport Co-ordinator)

I will be in touch with regards to the transition process. Letters will be sent out to all Year 6 parents in the next few week about school transport requirements and medical issues. If you have any queries, please just contact school.

Further information to follow

We will be in contact with parents/carers with log in information regarding our cashless catering lunch accounts and our ParentMail/Edulink communication system we use in school. Also, how you can purchase school ties and calculators if you would like to buy them from us.

In preparation for the pupils joining us here in September, we are holding a transition programme in July for all new pupils – further information to following.

Should you have any queries, please either call school on 016973 42160 or email

Link to NTS Prospectus – Information/guidance/kit lists

An Introduction to The Nelson Thomlinson School

Useful Information – NTS Year 7 useful information for September

In readiness for your child starting here at NTS in September, we thought you might find the following
information useful:

Equipment for Learning (E4L)
All pupils must equip themselves with the following 8 items of basic equipment, known as the ‘Equipment for
Learning (E4L)’ items:
Writing pen (including spares)
Red pen/biro
Green pen/biro
Pencil Sharpener
These items should be available for all classes. Most are available from the Mathematics Office at extremely
competitive prices. In particular, Casio scientific calculators are available at £8.25 each. Calculators will be useful in several lessons, not just in Mathematics, and we recommend that all pupils possess, and gain familiarity with, a Casio fx-83GTX.

It would be helpful if they also had colouring pencils, some highlighter pens, a protractor, a pair of compasses and
a glue stick but these items are not essential. Liquid paper is not allowed in school. Pupils are responsible for all their personal equipment and every item should be clearly marked.

All items of uniform are available from Gladrags in Wigton and the school ties are also available from the School Office.
Dark green blazer with school crest
White school blouse and school tie
Black tailored knee-length skirt OR classically-tailored plain black trousers
Socks or plain tights – white, grey or black
Black traditional-style plain shoes (low heeled) – no trainers
(Plain bottle-green V-neck cardigan/pullover with or without school crest is optional)
Dark green blazer with school crest
White school shirt and school tie
Black trousers
Socks – plain black or white
Black traditional-style plain shoes – no trainers
(Plain bottle-green V-neck cardigan/pullover with or without school crest is optional)

PE and Games kit
Girls – Green fitted polo shirt, navy skort or navy shorts. Navy/white striped sports socks, training shoes.
¼ zip training top (optional). Towel for showers

Boys – (PE) Navy training shorts, green polo shirt, and navy/white stripe sports socks. Training shoes.
(Games) Navy training shorts, green rugby top, navy/white stripe sports socks, football boots and training shoes
¼ zip training top (optional). Towel for showers.

Jewellery must not be worn when participating in PE or Games. Any jewellery, including ear studs must be removed for safety.
The PE department will only take in a watch and a purse (no loose money). They will not be responsible for any items not required in school.
Gum shields are permitted, and are strongly recommended, for the playing of competitive rugby and hockey. Shin-pads, likewise, are recommended in lessons but when representing the school in hockey and football shin pads must be worn. For those playing in certain positions in rugby, shin-pads are recommended. Pupils are responsible for providing these items, should they wish to wear them. With regard to ‘bladed’ football boots, the county recommend they should NOT be worn.

Please ensure you name everything. This avoids a lot of confusion and enables us to easily return items of lost property to their owners.

Notes and Clarifications
Training shoes and plimsolls are not allowed as part of school uniform. They should only be worn as part of
authorised physical activities. Expensive or large items of jewellery should not be worn to school. Pupils with
pierced ears may only wear one pair of small ear studs. No other piercings are permitted. Tattoos are not
permitted. False acrylic nails/long fingernails or false eyelashes are not permitted for safety reasons.