Citizenship and PSHE are very much alive at Nelson Thomlinson. Sometimes described as ‘learning about life’, they cover a range of topics, including relationships, mental health, healthy eating, politics, personal finance, the EU and the power of the media.

At Nelson Thomlinson we ensure that every student undertakes study and activity that not only meets National Curriculum requirements, but endeavours to develop each student into an independently thinking world citizen.

Staffing and Lessons

Citizenship and PSHE is delivered at Key Stage 3 by Form Tutors, led by Heads of Year.

Once every half term we collapse the whole school timetable for one period and use this as a Curriculum Enrichment lesson, whereby form tutors deliver a fully planned lesson in Citizenship covering varied themes.

At Key Stage 4, pupils are given one lesson a week in PSHE and Citizenship, covering the whole Citizenship Curriculum alongside the learning of important life skills and knowledge using resources and training delivered via outside agencies. During this time pupils will learn basic life saving first aid through the Heart Foundation’s Heart Start programme, understand the importance of careers and will learn about sex and relationships through the Apause programme.

Cross-Curricular Citizenship

Citizenship is a subject that goes far beyond Citizenship lessons. Some of the Citizenship curriculum is also delivered in conjunction with Religious Studies, Geography and History, subjects that teach many of the topics that help pupils learn about what makes a good citizen.

Beyond Lessons

Of course, Citizenship and PSHE are subjects that go far beyond what is done in the classroom. Pupils are encouraged to become involved in the community and are supported in charity fundraising efforts throughout the year.

During the summer term we hold a Curriculum Enrichment Day, whereby the whole school comes off their normal timetable and partake in day long citizenship based activities that stretch the pupils’ imagination and creativity.

Active Citizenship

Pupils are also encouraged to be good citizens beyond the Citizenship curriculum. We are very passionate in Nelson Thomlinson about our good works in the community and it shows through the constant fundraising activities throughout the school. Pupils are also encouraged to look after the school buildings and ‘buy in’ to protecting and maintaining their school.