The Design and Technology department includes a number of different subjects which are all linked by three concepts. They all use the design process, are based on solving problems (problem based learning) and they specialise in providing a kinaesthetic learning experience (learning by doing). All members of our staff are subject specialists who work hard to keep up to date with the ever changing world of Technology.

The experience of being life long learners gives them an excellent empathy with our pupils. Our facilities have developed over the years so that we now have 10 specialised design rooms backed up with a technical support area, staff room and office. Our machinery and equipment are in a constant state of evolution and development so that we can provide a cutting edge experience.

These include:

  • Sewing and embroidery machines
  • Laser cutters
  • Computer controlled engravers/routers
  • CNC milling machine
  • Sublimation printing
  • Blast chilling facilities
  • 3D Printing

We make sure that our lessons are delivered in an appropriate environment which reflects best practice in our specialisms. Our rooms are fully equipped and well maintained. We currently have:

  • 2 wood based project workshops
  • 1 Engineering workshops
  • A specialised Textiles room
  • 3 Food rooms
  • An Electronics room including laser cutting machine
  • 2 multi-use design rooms
  • 2 multi-use CAD/CAM rooms

Key Stage 3

We design the D&T curriculum in KS 3 so that pupils will develop their confidence and expertise in a wide variety of projects which cover a range of competencies. For convenience these are grouped under some broad headings in KS 3 so that they are fully prepared to make their options choices for KS 4:

  • Food gives an understanding of nutrition and how to prepare food
  • In Design and Technology (Systems) pupils acquire practical circuit building skills and an understanding of the underlying principles of this ever changing area.
  • Design and Technology (Timber) involves the making of products from materials which require tools and equipment to shape such as woods, metals and plastics.
  • In Computer Aided Design and manufacturing we insist that our pupils know about the new technological revolution taking place in industry and the use of computers to control machines.
  • Textiles is an important area for our pupils and here they gain an understanding of the world of textile design and construction techniques.
  • In Graphics being able to explain your design ideas to others is a key skill which is included in all of our subjects.
  • In Engineering many of our projects include an element of electrical, mechanical or fabrication Engineering.

Key Stage 4

Pupils can opt for one or more D&T subjects to study during KS 4. These include both GCSE and BTEC. We encourage pupils to choose subjects that they enjoy and which will develop skills that they will need in the future. Design and Technology provides a different learning experience from other subjects and is therefore a good option for a broad and balanced KS 4.

The subjects we offer (depending on numbers) include:

  • Engineering BTEC
  • Design and Technology (Systems) GCSE
  • Food Preparation and Nutrition GCSE
  • Design and Technology (Timber) GCSE
  • Child Development – Cambridge Technical Level 1/2

Post 16

We offer a variety of A-level options so that pupils can study the subject in more depth:

Product Design (Resistant Materials) – A-level
Health and Social Care – Cambridge Technical Level 3


As Technology enthusiasts we also run a number of extra-curricular activities which cater for the pupils who want to get more involved:

  • Rotary Technology Challenge
  • F1 in Schools (Advanced Engineering Club Year 8, 9 & 10)
  • Starter/Basic Engineering Club for Year 7 & 8