There can be no steeper learning curve than that facing the new entrant to the teaching profession. In any school, the first year of teaching presents difficulties and challenges. We believe that The Nelson Thomlinson School offers an ideal environment in which to learn the trade.

We frequently use the word “trade” in connection with teaching. It seems a bit like an affectation, but it isn’t. We find the word useful in conveying the notion that good teaching (like any real trade) derives from good technique. Personal qualities and eccentricities might be useful but they will not, on their own, do the job. Our priority for all new teachers is that they should be able to develop a secure teaching technique without fear of distraction.

To anyone joining us as an ECT, we can guarantee the following:

  • A friendly and receptive staff who will quickly make you feel at home;
  • A supportive department in which tips and advice are freely shared;
  • Several observations during your first ​​two years of teaching, including by your Induction Tutor, Induction Mentor, Head of Department and the Headmaster
  • Opportunities to observe several lessons yourself, both within and outside your department via the Professional Development department and using the professional development room.
  • Opportunities to work with and learn alongside other ECTs, under the guidance of the induction tutor;
  • A “package” provided by the Induction Mentor to help guide and familiarise you with the idiosyncrasies of NTS ​​plus the Early Career Framework delivered in partnership with One Cumbria Teaching School Hub and Teach First.
  • A slightly lighter timetable in your first year of teaching;
  • The chance to work alongside an experienced teacher to help you learn the role of Form Tutor.
  • ​​All ECTs receive support and mentoring as part of the Early Career Framework for their first two years of teaching.